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Vicki Cargill and
Adam Cargill

We are a dynamic husband/wife writing team with a strong grasp on character-driven story and dialogue.


Vicki Cargill was born and raised in the North East of England, receiving her degree in Dramatic Arts from the University of Leeds. She's been involved with holistic therapy and Arts Programmes ever since, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Queen's Hall in Hexham, Northumberland.

She is a member of Women in Film and Television and a member of the Writer's Guild of Great Britain. 

Adam Cargill comes from Boston, MA, where he attended Emerson College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Film, and serving as EP of the EVVY Awards, the student Oscars. After settling in England, he became a small business owner and entrepreneur before re-entering the creative arts.

He is a member of the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain, loves clever twists, and hates big, battling robots.

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